Settings change for Geosat and Sonicview receivers

05/01/2015 10:34

To receiver BVN again on a Geosat MicroHD receiver: Select Menu then select the Installation icon. Next select Single sat search and make sure Scantyp is "FTA only" next highlight search and press ok. After search end, select yes and leave the menu.

BVN will no longer be on your previous preset so you will have to use channel up in ordr to find the new preset. (we find them usualy around preset 22)


Sonicview SV1000 

press menu, select Dish setting, next select transponder then use the red button (not the power button) to select "add TP" and add 12089  with symb 11719 select POL H and FEC 3/4 now exit this menu and make sure search option is set to FTA continue by pressing the green button to "scan TP" and it should find a couple of channels including BVN again. After the scan exit the menu's and use your channel up button to find the new preset for BVN. 


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