Frequency change BVN Nfusion and Blujay Receivers

25/01/2017 11:20

As of February 10 BVN is changing to a new Transponder (Transmitter) your dish does NOT need to be changed.

To change the settings on a Fortec Star receiver: Select Menu,next select Antenna setup,next use Red button to edit TP,

with arrow keys select Frequency, with the numbers keys type 12076 (the new frequency) next, with  the arrow keys select Symbol rate

use the number keys again to type 5787 (the new symbol rate) next, select "edit TP" with the arrow key and then OK. Next select menu again and press the yellow button to scan for the new channels ( this can take a few minutes) when done select OK to save. 


For Blujay and Nfusion receivers: Select "Menu" next select "installation" next select "TP Configuration" then "OK" use the down arrow key to go down untill the old frequency 12089 or 12088 is selected and press OK, select OK again and use the numbers on the remote to type 12076, next arrow down to select "symbol rate" and type 05787, next arrow down and select search channels and press OK, when search is done select OK again to save and Exit the menu.

BVN will not be on the same preset (Ususally number 1) anymore. The new BVN will be on a new preset, just use the CH up button until you find the new preset with BVN on the new transponder. 


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