BVN Change on EMTech and Viewsat receivers

02/02/2017 17:46

For those using a Viewsat receiver.

To change the settings for watching BVN. Press STB next you press Menu with Ok select installation you now have to enter your password (default is 0000) 

next select Channel scan and press OK press down arrow until at the bottom of the screen an orange screen is highlighted with "edit TP" to the left of it.

Press OK next scroll down to the line with freq. 12089press the green F2 button enter 12076 and the the 05787 now press exit 5* 

Your BVN picture and sound should be there again.


If you own a Emtech receiver:

Press Menu and select installation enter your password (default 0000) now select Scan Transponder use the left arrow key and remove the 0 at the end of the number 12089 and change it to 12076 next arrow down and select 11719 press left arrow key to erase entire number and replace it with 05787 and press ok

Your receiver will now search for the BVN channel. After the receiver is done searching save the changes and exit out of the menu's. Bvn-TV will no longer by on your old preset 0001 but scroll through the presets and you will find BVN again.


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